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Saif and Kareena, a match made in heaven!

Bollywood’s hottest couple Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are now officially husband and wife! But the story of them falling in love is no less than a masala filmy flick itself. The duo were first seen together in J.P. Dutta’s LOC Kargil in 2003 and then again in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara in 2006. The couple were dating at that time but different people and were working only as co-actors.

It was in August 2007 when we heard the first rumour that Saif And Kareena were dating and Kareena had just broken up with her ex Shahid Kapoor although her movie Jab We Met with Shahid was due to release in October which later went on to become a massive hit!
Saif and Kareena were first spotted together while shooting for Tashan on the streets of Mumbai. And then we could see the sparks of their romance growing.
Kareena spoke in an interview about how she fell in love with Saif, ““We were in Ladakh to shoot Tashan. I had just broken up with Shahid Kapoor. Even though I had met Saif socially, we hadn’t spoken much. When I spotted him near the hotel pool, he was tanning on a lounge chair, clad in just jeans. I told my friend, “Oh my God… he’s so hot!…After our first shot, we chatted and he made me laugh a lot. I hope it always stays that way. Today, we are best friends. I hope marriage only adds to what we share.”
And Saif didn’t take much time to show his love to his girl as he got himself Kareena’s name tattooed on his forearm and made no efforts at all to conceal it from the world. Literally wearing his love on his sleeve !
Kareena even spoke about how Saif met her mother to talk about the couple’s relationship, “So, he came and met my mother and told her, ‘She’s my woman, I want to spend the rest of my life with her. We want to live together…’ My mom was pretty cool about it. I just got my stuff together and that was it. No fuss,” Kareena said.


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