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Kareena Kapoor : We are just another happy couple

Kareena Kapoor in an recent interview said, “Saif and I are just a regular couple and it’s nice to be able to enjoy dinner at our favourite restaurant without light bulbs flashing in our faces constantly.”

She also appreciates the media for giving them privacy, “As a celebrity, being under constant media glare is a job hazard. But I truly appreciate the privacy the media has given me when it comes to my personal life,”

The fashion Goddess says she takes fashion tips and advices from Saif, “I seek approval from my man on how I look and what I should wear and Saif with his great taste gives some fabulous inputs,” said the actress who married Saif in October last year after dating him for five years.

The couple who are now both on top of their careers make it a point to do special things for each other and take some time off their busy schedule and spend time with each other.

The actress says, “Being from the same industry, Saif completely understands the pressure that comes with being an actor. While we never sideline our work, we ensure that we sneak in some ‘us time’ in the midst of our hectic schedules – be it catching up a movie together, a quiet dinner or an impromptu vacation,” She further adds, “Saif has always been extremely supportive and encouraging and I’m really grateful to him for the same.”

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