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Saif and Kareena say NO to filmmakers

Saif Ali Khan and the pretty lady on his arm are saying no to film makers who want to pair them up as an on screen couple. The pair made it clear that they were not interested in sharing screen space anymore.

They have decided that they will not pair up against each other because their chemistry falls flat. Saif says that “It’s something that happens to me when I’m working with her (Kareena Kapoor), I’m not as interesting on screen,” He further added, “I become like how I am when I am with her, which is not interesting. Normally, an actor is competitive, and that makes for good chemistry on screen. The chemistry goes a bit flat when you’re too comfortable.”

Post their wedding in October last year, the couple has been flooded with offers of doing a movie together. But Saif has now put an end to all the offers and rumours by announcing that his next project will be with Illeana.

He also mentioned that if he were to act opposite Kareena in a movie, the audience would be interested in their relationship as a real couple and not a reel couple. He says, “It’s really difficult to maintain your identity as an individual when you’re in a relationship like ours. People are constantly asking you about your relationship. You’re promoting your film and someone asks you about the relationship and that answer is made into the headline,”

Saif and Kareena appeared in movies like Kurbaan and Tashaan before and their first movie was LOC: Kargil. They were also seen together in several advertisements for Airtel and Head & Shoulders.

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