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Sonam Kapoor gets candid in an interview

Sonam Kapoor got candid in a recent interview with The Hindu. She spoke about a lot of thing but the most noble thing she did was telling the truth about looking flawless and absolutely stunning. Want to know the secret behind her great looks or rather every Bollywood celebrity’s amazing looks? Well, it’s nothing much It’s just different people working on every aspect of their body. From their face to hair to nails to everything. Then there are ridiculously expensive make up products and last but not the least, the best beauty tool, Photoshop!

It was a very low few months for Sonam from movie perspective and she thought so too.. When questioned about it, she says “Things weren’t going well and I thought I should just sit and wait for the right script to come by. And Raanjhnaa happened.” Telling us more about Raanjhnaa she says “It’s a lovely coming of age romance and a visual extravaganza. I am so looking forward to it.”

And about her co-star Dhanush, she says “He is a delight to work with. He is a modest and humble being in spite of his interesting repertoire of work. In fact, I admire both him his wife Aishwaryaa. They make the most wonderful couple. On sets, we would actually trouble Dhanush by not letting him have a moment of privacy in his van. We would constantly be in his van hogging all him home cooked delicacies!”

Here comes the best part. She is the Fashion Queen of Bollywood and has been branded with the Fashionista tag since the day she stepped in Bollywood. When asked her if she thinks the concept of looking flawlessly pretty all the time is over rated. She replies, “This is part of my job. I have to look good. I’m a firm believer in, even though it sounds corny, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I’m being brutally honest here to ensure that girls don’t try to blindly emulate stars. At any given point of time, I have eight people each working on my make-up, hair, nutrition, diet, work out and image building. We also use the most expensive beauty products. Then there is Photoshop – We have it all. We can be made to look slimmer, beautiful and unrealistically perfect.”

On the products she endorses “I always test the product that I endorse hence know that it will live up to its promise. I hate unrealistic claims.” comprar cialis original

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