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Preity Zinta’s new movie Ishkq in Paris to release in May

Preity Zinta, who’s comeback movie, ‘Ishkq in Paris’,  saw a roller coaster ride due to health problems of the director is now finally set for a May 24th release.

Apparently, human relations are far more important for the actress when compared to commercial interest.

‘Ishkq in Paris’, is a romantic comedy which stars Preity Zinta and newcomer Rhehan Malliek. Preity Zinta is also the producer of the film which is being directed by Prem Soni. It was scheduled to hit the screens last year but due to Prem Soni’s health, the release date was pushed forward.

Prem was unwell…he had to go for surgery and I decided not to release the film without him. I think there are times when we have to give importance to human relations than business and commercial thing,” Preity told reporters at an event related to the film.

Pushing forward of the release date did bring in losses for the actress but as the sweet lady that she is, she appeared unperturbed while saying, “Sometimes importance must be given to emotions than business and finance.”

Ishkq in Paris’, is Preity’s first home production and it will have a solo release on May 24. It is going to hit the screens when the IPL will be on it’s conclusion but the actress does not see that affecting the film in anyway.

“As a producer we are looking for solo release,” said the ctress. Preity Zinta  was last seen in 2009 Hindi film ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna‘, in which she did a cameo.

“I agree it’s not a safe bet to release the film during IPL. But I don’t think it (IPL) will affect the film…I think one can give three hours for a film,” said the co-owner of IPL team Kings XI Punjab.

Preity Zinta has made plans for the promotion of her movie but admitted that she wouldn’t cash in on the special song done by Salman Khan.

We will do city tours and innovative things. Salman is in the film, but is not the main character. It is unfair to let people think this,” she concluded.

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