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Sanjay Dutt: Ab bohot ho gaya!

As the day of immuration nears for Sanjay Dutt, all the things he cares about are running in his head. So much so, that his friends admit that Sanjay Dutt has been losing his cool.

Sanjay Dutt has been very calm about everything as of yet but apprarently, he lost his cool one day on a shoot.  Few days ago while shooting he suddenly burst out saying, “Ab bahot ho gaya. I can’t take the wait any more. Better that I go in now than later. This agony of  watching the day approach is killing me.” There was a stunned silence in the studio after this disturbing outburst.

Says a very close friend of Sanju’s, “At that moment we were all reminded of the grim reality that’s waiting for baba. We, his close friends and family, have been helping him to immerse himself in his work and forget about the day when he’s to surrender. And baba himself has been very brave. Whenever Maanyata bhabhi lost her composure, it was he who made light of the fate that awaits him.”

But now it seems Sanjay has finally sensed the premonition upon him. Says the friend, “Baba is worried to death about bhabhi and the children. No matter how much we reassure him that we are there for them and that the show will go on until he returns, he finally knows that his absence cannot be compensated by friends. He’s very worried. The strain is almost unbearable. We’re concerned about his health.”
Apparently, the actor has now given up all hopes or even desire of clemency. “He just wants to get it over with now. He knows he has to go in,” says the friend.

We all understand the tough phase Sanjay Dutt is going through and we also appreciate the professionalism he’s showing by completing all his movies before he surrenders. We hope he sticks in there really tight.

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