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When Shahrukh and Saif hosted Filmfare (2008)

There is a laughter riot whenever they come on stage. Any guesses? Yes?! We’re talking about Saif and SRK. Their jodi is fantastic and the way they pull everyone’s leg is simply beyond words. Here is a video from the past when the duo hosted Filmfare awards, which literally tickled our funny bones. Saif Ali Khan and Shahrukh Khan, when join hands, and host the Filmfare awards make the event hilarious!

A very funny waring given my chote nawab before beginning the Filmfare awards. All characters and names mentioned by us today are not fictitious or imaginary and any resemblance to many people, living, dead, in a coma or just purely out of work is purely intentional and not at all regretted.

Filmfare awards 2008


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