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Making of Dabboo Ratnani’s 2013 Bollywood celeb calendar

For those of you who have no idea about who Dabboo Ratnani is.. He is one of the most prominent portrait and celebrity photographers in the Indian cinema. Best known for his annual calendar, he is loved by all Bollywood celebrities. The best part about watching the making of his calendar? We get too see the real lives and nature of these stars and how they behave around friends. Dabboo Ratnani’s little daughter Myra is present in all the shoots and is a hit with the celebs! They just adore her!

Aishwarya Rai

Warning! You might want to lower your speaker volume because beauty queen Aishwarya is very loud and noisy! There are few good moments where you say aww and smile but throughout the shoot Aishwarya keeps talking in a very annoying child like accent.

Shahrukh Khan

This shoot is just adorable! King Khan is so humble. Yes, we know everybody loves him but after watching this shoot we know why everyone really loves him. He is so KIND and down to earth!

Deepika Padukone

Is that seriously Deepika Padukone? Who would have known that leggy lass Dee Pee is so chilled out all the time and behaves like any other normal person? Being so famous, we thought she would be arrogant and short tempered.

Hrithik Roshan

Oh for the love of God! Please put on some clothes Hrithik. You are setting our screen on fire and its not a good thing!


Well, it isn’t something different. We know Kajol in and out! We know she is good, kind hearted and short tempered but!!! there is one thing about this shoot that caught our eye. Kajol is dressed in a yellow flowing gown and still manages to look good. Who knew?

Priyanka Chopra

Something is always different about this anjaana anjaani girl. Anything she does, she does it with so much of style and panache!

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