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Check out Salman Khan’s hottest action scenes

Salman Khan may not be the King of Bollywood, but he indeed is the King of our hearts! Which ever role he appears in, we just love him. All the girls want a partner like him and all the boys want to be him. He instills a sense of amazement in our hearts and gives us shivers with his amazing actions sequences. Take a look at some of the best fight scenes of Salman Khan and do let us know which is your favourite!

Dabangg 2

The climax of Dabangg 2 is just mind blowing. Other than this fight sequence I also love the part where he royally enters the wedding and saves the girl. The part where he flips the neck of that cheap loafer is so amazing! Serves him right!


Fighting many men at once, killing few in the process, escaping all the bullets, not getting hurt one bit and also saving his lady love! The scene just screams Salmannnn!


What can we say about this? Maybe a bit of warning to his enemies! He is very confident about himself…“Zindagi main teen cheez kabhi underestimate nahi karna.. I me and myself.” And nobody messes with him! “Abbey main un main se hoon jo machli ko dubo kar marsakta hoon.. Toh tum teen chuu-zey kya ho?”


A typical sequence where Sallu bhai fights all the goons and saves the day and warns all those dim witted goons who think they can scare him. No way guys! Salman Khan fears no one!


Didn’t we already mention? Nobody messes with him nor do they mess with his lady love. Another epic action sequence with Salman, the mean goons and his lady love. Nobody could have done it better!

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