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Go Goa Gone stars go crazy!

The days were tiresome shooting in remote locations of Goa but seemingly, the nights proved to be just perfect for the trio of Kunal Khemu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwary. The three actors who are a part of the upcoming flick Go Goa Gone which has already created a buzz among the audience, had great fun on sets aswell as off the sets!

Reportedly, it was noticed that the trio had been getting along very well with each other and have become real good buddies. The bonfire nights were supposedly, the perfect platform for them to come up with their own songs based on the events during the day.

When it comes to having fun, we can’t miss Saif Ali Khan! The Agent Vinod actor helped them in improvising their songs and made sure to entertain them in  return aswell.  “After those late night parties, next day Saif used to take Kunal, Vir and Anand out for dinner and cocktails. You may not believe but we partied almost every alternative night during the entire shooting schedule. Kunal, Vir and Anand were really enthusiastic enough to party till late and start their next shooting day very early”, informed one of the production guys.

There hasn’t been a concept like this on Indian screens; the film is a great big bundle of action and fun. Audiences will be blown away for sure. The entire unit tried to put in their best, and we naturally wanted to put in our best too not just on screen but off screen too. We started with making up situational songs inspired by the happening of the day, one day. Everyone loved it so much that we continued this till the last day of the shoot. We sang, strumming our guitars and everyone would be in splits. We would go on for hours, late into the night, even though we had to get up at the crack of dawn the next day!” says Vir.

Each line of the song would create an echo of laughter among the team members. “Dan Macarthur, our DOP from Australia, and Jordi Cirbian, our sound specialist from Spain, who are musicians in their own right, would also chip in and keep the team in splits,” recalls Kunal.

Directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK say, “The three guys and their chemistry with Saif was a treat to watch. They were a riot both on and off the screen. We know Vir is known for his stand-up acts, but Kunal and Anand have this straight-faced humour that is very funny. They kept us in splits throughout the shoot and the bromance between the three guys is one of the highlights of the film. Each of them are amazing in their own way – Kunal is one of the most talented young actors out there – has a great range, and he is especially hilarious in this film. Vir, of course, has great sense of humor and comic timing, and Anand is going to be that big discovery in the film.

Looking at all the posters and trailers of this movie, we personally can’t wait for it to release. And we know even you can’t aswell!

‘Go Goa Gone’  the upcoming bollywood zombie film is lined up to release on May 10th.

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