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Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja: Love Story 2013

Bipasha Basu, the dusky bombshell is always in the news for her love affairs. After Dino Morea and John Abraham it’s time for Harman Baweja to appear in her latest affairs list.

It is heard that Harman Baweja and Bipasha Basu have been spending quality time togeher. They hang out with Bip’s close friends Deanne Pandey and Rocky S. Bipasha has hinted that “Harman is a part of her life”. It was reported that Harman celebrated his last birthday in grand style in Goa with Bipasha which added more fuel to the fire.

A decade long relationship with John Abraham stalled as seen from the various reports in the media. The diva was upset with John’s cheating ways but a source close to the couple says, ”  John and Bipasha had parted ways much before the split became public. The relationship was on the rocks for many years and before the actual break-up, they had gone their separate ways a dozen times and later patched up. The relationship could be best termed as unstable. However, the last time they parted ways over two years ago, Bips had a much-publicized fling with Hollywood actor Josh while the two were shooting for Singularity.” 

The media has always been busy counting the men Bipasha Basu has been linked with over the years. Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably one of the best footballers today was also one on the list of speculations. Reading her tweets, many even linked her to the Pakistani singer Atif Aslam. Bipasha had once tweeted that not only does she listen to his songs but also hopes that one day he will sing specially for her.

Unfortunately for Aslam, rumours are strong enough to romantically link her with Harman Baweja. Does the name ring any bell ? The actor had appeared in movies like, ‘Love Story 2050’  and ‘What’s Your Rashee?’. The due had been spotted at several occasions. They were also seen arriving together at JackkY Bhagnani’s birthday bash. Though none of them is interested to comment publicly about it, Harman seems to be the new man in the Bengali babe’s life. Bipasha Basu had told the media that, “Just because I’m single, does not mean that every man I meet is my new boyfriend. Trust me, the day I find my perfect man, I will not hide him from the world. And I won’t even delay walking down the aisle then.”  Though she did say that Harman Baweja is a ‘part of her life’.


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  1. Dina

    May 31, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Just a question. Why do Indians say that Wheatish is the standard Indian complexion? How is the color of wheat more representative than all the other colors??? I take offense because it’s like saying that darker complexiones aren’t as Indian. My guess is that it’s Indians way of psychologically distancing themselves from being dark-skinned or as a form of denial about what they look like as a nation. Another thing. Has anyone noticed how Indians view of their skin tones is more appropriate for Saudis than Indians? What Indians consider light, medium and dark is way too skewed toward lighter complexions and leaves too many out. Frieda Pinto is not dark. She’s not even medium and neither is Bipasha. In reality light skinned is just about any Bollywood actress, from Aiswarya to Bipasha. Medium is Paraminder Nagra
    This is the correct way because it’s more realistic and inclusive of all Indian complexiones and doesn’t offensively leave so many to be called “extremely dark.”
    Everyone keeps saying Bipasha is dark… she may be darker than Kareena Kapoor and some other Indian actresses, but compared to most Indians, she is on the light side.

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