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Shootout at Wadala stars conquer Dubai

They came, they danced and they conquered. Such was the presence of the cast of Shootout at Wadala at their latest promotional event in Dubai.

The cast of John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor, Sunny Leone and Sophie Choudhary descended onto the city on a mission to mesmerise the audience for their upcoming new movie, ‘Shootout at Wadala’. 

Hundreds of people gathered at the famous shopping mall at 6pm, the scheduled time for the concert, only to wait for the celebs to kick start the event 2 hours later. Though nobody appeared to care as there were dance performances with the presenters, which kept the crowd in the mood waiting for the stars to arrive. And when eventually they did arrive, the deafening noise was enough to fade out the attempts by the stars, until Anil Kapoor and his trademark, JHAKASS pulled the chords down allowing them to interact with the fans.

 Tusshar Kapoor was able to tickle a few ribs when he aped his characted from the ‘Golmaal’ series as Manoj Bajpayee wowed the crowd with a stint from ‘Satya’.

But the fans couldn’t stop asking for John and their thirst was quenched when John Abraham finally arrived and mouthed a dialogue from his upcoming flick, ‘SAW’. The fans were excited to see Sunny Leone finally unleashed, minus the cage dance of course which unfortunately got cancelled due to the DTCM, which you can read here. The sexy starlet awe-struck everybody with her moves on her item song, Laila while Sophie Choudhary sung the song, Ala re Ala. 

All this lasted for just 15 minutes but for the fans present, they were satisfied and happy as ever.

Shootout at Wadala’ is a multi starrer which is scheduled to release on May 1st. We’re all waiting for it, are you ?

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