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Katrina Kaif says Salman has had the biggest impact on her!

The Barbie Doll of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif has always been in the limelight for either her looks, movies or her sexy item numbers! This time, the British-Indian actress has come out speaking about her co-stars. She goes on to say that her one-time beau Salman Khan has had the biggest impact on her and also says that Salman’s advice has never gone in vain.

When asked about how far she has come since her debut, the actress believes that she’s grown in her job and if she hadn’t learnt, she’d be disappointed in herself. She now looks forward to doing something different which excites her.

I consider every film a journey with a director who may not think like me but who understands the way I think,” she said.

The actress admits that she had to wait for her opportunity and strongly believes in proving herself to the world. When asked if she ever felt like an outsider, the actress expressed herself by saying, “I clearly remember having this conversation with filmmaker Vipul Shah. It was my third year in Bollywood. He asked me to wait. So, there was a transition where at first I wasn’t accepted by the industry to now when I know everyone. No one walks into any industry as a newcomer with trumpets behind them. Most of us have to prove ourselves.”

She also said that not growing up in India and not knowing Hindi was the hardest part and that remains her toughest battle.  ”No matter how good I get at Hindi, I’ll have to work 10 times harder than the person who’s fluent in it,” Katrina explains.

When asked how much credit does she gives Salman for her success, the actress was all praise for him, ”He’s had a huge role in my career. There’s no doubt about that. I value his opinion. But as a person, Salman has had the biggest impact on my life. I became friends with him when I was much younger. His persona is very strong. If I were to look back, his contribution has been tremendous. So why are we talking about something as small and segmented as a career? Life is far bigger than a career. Of course, what would my entire life journey have been had I not met that (Khan) family, had I not met Akshay (Kumar). I highly recommend that if Salman ever gives you advice, think about it seriously. I’m not saying he’s perfect but his thinking process is correct. Obviously, having someone who’s so knowledgeable about the film industry was extremely valuable. ”

She also admitted her huge amount of respect and liking for Akshay Kumar, saying that Akshay Kumar helped her remain strong and made her believe in herself.  ”A lot of actors were refusing to work with me at that time. It took a lot of guts for him to agree to be my co-star. Akshay always made me believe in myself. We’ve never had long conversations, we’ve never been back-slapping buddies. But I have a huge amount of respect and fondness for him. 

Katrina Kaif confessed that presently, she’s single and wants to keep her personal life to herself as advised to her by Salman Khan himself. ”What right do I have to speak on another person’s behalf? Again, when you’re talking about an equation with someone I’ve known as long as Salman, you’re talking about something that’s important to me. I won’t talk about it in a trivial way. I’m single!” she added.

She not only spoke about her immense amount of respect for Salman and Akshay but she also spoke about the other two Khans of Bollywood, Shahrukh and Aamir!

I am most intimidated by Shah Rukh Khan. I didn’t know whether it was just him or it was the environment on the set. Jab Tak Hai Jaan was a Yash Chopra film, Aditya Chopra was the first assistant director. It was the enormity of the situation. Shah Rukh is an impeccable co-star, always there to guide you,”  the 28-year-old actress said.

As for Aamir Khan, there was so much happening before the start of Dhoom 3 that I didn’t have the time to fret about working with him. So the first scene with Aamir, who’s known to be a perfectionist, was fun. We were just two actors standing there, and Aamir was telling me, ‘Let’s just interact and see how the scene works.’ I never felt like he was judging me. I feared it would be terrifying. But I actually felt extremely comfortable with him,” she added.

Katrina Kaif had been linked to Ranbir Kapoor recently and she had some stuff to talk about him aswell. But like every other celebrity, she has also labelled her links with Ranbir as ‘good friends’..”He’s a fantastic actor. He’s got an incredible approach to his work. He’s got talent and the courage to walk the unbeaten path. Both the films we did (Raajneeti and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani) were fun. Most importantly, they were loved by the audience. He’s a lovely person, fun and a good friend.”

When asked about her present relationship status with Ranbir..”I’ve lost count of the times we’ve been, not been, off and on in a relationship. As I said earlier, I’m not going to speak about my personal life. It’s a pointless conversation. The day I get engaged to whoever I want, it will be clear. ”

 She also rubbished the rumours about her going out on dinners, holding hands and watching movies with Ranbir Kapoor. When asked about the same, this is what she had to say, “It’s the first time I’m hearing that going to a theatre with a group of friends means anything. Dissecting each and every story is a futile exercise. Beyond a point, I don’t think it makes sense to talk about one’s personal life.”

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