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Movie Review : Aashiqui 2

Film : Aashiqui 2

Bollywood Celebden Rating: 2.5/5

Cast : Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Shaad Randhawa

Music :  Jeet Ganguly, Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari

Direction : Mohit Suri 

Story :

Aashiqui 2 is about a falling superstar singer Rahul Jaikar (Aditya Roy Kapoor) who is addicted to alcohol. After a brawl at a concert, he stumbles on a talented singer Arohi Shirke (Shraddha Kapoor). He likes her talent so much that he takes all the steps to make sure that she becomes a next singing sensation and eventually will falls in love with her. His efforts do turn out to be successful and she becomes “Nightingale of India”. The rest of the story is about how their personal relationship gets affected due to the “success factor”. And do they manage to uphold the relationship or do they part ways.

Performances :

Ashiqui 2 survives mainly on the performances given by the actors. Aditya Roy Kapoor performs brilliantly as a alcoholic who is looking to make Shraddha’s dream come true and to get himself back on track. Shraddha Kapoor also gives as good as performance as Aditya. Her scenes in the starting of the movie,she emotes innocence that is very endearing to watch. Though both the actors have a bit of flaws in them, but when they come together on screen it is magical. Their chemistry is beautiful on screen. In other actors, Mahesh Thakur gives good performance. Shaad Randhava who was seen in other Mohit Suri’s films is disappointing in the movie.

Technical aspect : 

Aashiqui 2’s story of the movie is not new to Bollywood. Ego clashes between couples were shown in 60’s and also the movie Abhimaan has a almost same storyline. So nothing new on the story part. However, director Mohit Suri has not showed the movie in a good way. Screenplay is not tight either. In the second half of the movie, you feel very restless and feel the urge to leave. Editing team should have trimmed a lot more in the second half. The only delight here is the music. Bhatt films have always had good songs in them and so does this flick. ‘Tum hi Ho’  and ‘Chahoon main ya na’ are my picks here.

Analysis :

In 2013, All of the Bhatt’s movies have been sequels. But this one is sequel of an much older film. Aashiqui that time gave best songs for us to hear and amazing performance by Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal, both of them leapt into star category instantly. But sadly the sequel doesn’t do it. Aashiqui 2 thrives mainly on the the performance of the lead pair and on the music of the film.   The second half however doesn’t live up. It is prolonged, slow and boring. Though the story and everything around it fails, the chemistry of the lead pair is the only thing that makes you stick to your seats.

Bottomline : Awesome performances and chemistry fails to light up this love story. 

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