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Mallika talks about her Mr.Right at Launch of her television show

Mallika Sherawat the sex symbol of Bollywood is at it yet again. After the launch of her television show on Monday which encapsulates her journey to find her Prince Charming, the actress had a lot of stuff to spill out !

Her reason for doing a television show: As a single woman, money is important but this is not the only reason why I am doing the show!

On how Mallika plans to educate people with her show: Woman should have the right to choose their life partners as it has been happening since the Ramayan and Mahabharat time. I have read so many reports where girls get married at a very young age. So in a way I hope I can manage to remind people about the right to choose their life partner with my show.

On her shifting to LA: I have not moved from India. I don’t know why there is this misconception that I have moved to Los Angeles. I visit the US only for work and to socialise.

When Mallika was asked about her crushes: I am a normal woman and I too have my crushes. I fainted after seeing Bill Clinton. I still find Barack Obama very handsome. My man should have the qualities which Obama has. I prefer men who take risks in life and especially the ones who are not afraid to speak their mind.

On Sanjay Dutt: I have had a great experience working with Sanjay Dutt. He is a very helpful and caring person. I hope he finds strength in this hour of need.

On the recent five-year-old rape case: It is devastating… on the day of Ram Navami such a heinous crime took place. I think it is not Ram Rajya but Raavan Rajya. As a woman myself, I have never felt so insecure and helpless in this country.

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  1. ssss

    April 25, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    that dirty monkey should choose any gay to marry she is not for men she is used and she became dirty garbage

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