Katrina Kaif in the Slice ad or SRK in the Frooti ad

Mango season is here and what better than a fresh and juicy bottle of aam rass to beat the heat with a ! So what’s your preference? Mango frooti which is fresh and juicy or do you guys like to indulge in aamsutra? And most importantly, which ad tempts you more and makes you wanna grab a bottle of cold aamrass? Katrina Kaif’s oh so playful side in aamsutra or Shahrukh Khan’s teasing nature in Mango Frooti?

Katrina Kaif – Slice Ad

Katrina is showcasing her oh so playful side in the new Slice commercial
The slice taste challenge : “Iske samne sab pheeka padh jayega”

Shahrukh Khan : Frooti Ad

Shahrukh Khan is seen beating the heat by drinking Frooti.

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