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Shahid Kapoor goes through extensive training for Rambo Rajkumar

Rambo Rakumar

Performing some never-seen-before stunts , Shahid Kapoor known to be thorough perfectionist went all out to train for the action sequences prior to the shoot schedule of Eros International & NextGen Films’ Rambo Rajkumar directed by Prabhudeva.

The actor went through some serious training with experts to perform some death-defying and hand combat stunts,including a 40-men attack action sequence and many others – a signature in Prabhudeva movies.

Confirming the news says producer Viki Rajani, “Shahid is an extremely dedicated actor and was very keen to go through extensive training to perform the action sequences in the film – Apart from working on his flexibility and strength, he also trained for some heavy duty action including one which includes fighting over 40 men”

After Jaw We Met in 2006, Shahid kapoor faced lot of debacles and did even deliver one movie that bettered JWM. Considering Prabhudeva the Blockbuster specialist, we have to wait and see if shahid kapoor revives his success.

Eros International & NextGen Film‘s Rambo Rajkumar directed by Prabhudeva releases 2013.

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