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John Abraham feels Shootout At Wadala will prove his acting ability

John Abraham who is known as the hunk of Bollywood is all excited about his upcoming venture “Shootout at Wadala”. He feels the movie will reintroduce him to the audience as a capable actor. John Abraham is playing the role of Manya Surve, a gangster who wants to dominate Mumbai underworld.

Shootout At Wadala is based on the real life incidents that happened in Mumbai in  early 1980’s when the Mumbai police started suppress the gangster activities in the city. In the process Manya Surve was encountered by the mumbai police in 1982 where the police dominance in Mumbai started to take a toll.

John Abraham in a recent interview spoke about his role saying ” The story of Manya Surve is very interesting, it was a different character. It is not a risk, it is re-introduction of John Abraham. It is a new beginning. Hope people see me in a different light”.

“For the first time I have left John Abraham behind. People will remember Manya Surve and I am confident about it. We are hopeful people will like the film,” he added.

John also believes in him doing the negative roles more than heroic ones. He failed lot of times when he tired to become a lover boy but succeeded many times in doing negative characters in the movies like Dhoom, Zinda and Race-2.

Lets hope ‘Shootout at Wadala’ will make John Abraham better actor and become a smashing hit like its prequel.

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