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Bollywood’s 5 stunning acting performances – Part 2

Bollywood over the years has given the most riveting performances for people to watch. Some have audience deeply moved with just few dialogues and few intense expressions. Here is the part 2 of the series

Manoj Bajpai – Satya

One of the finest actors in Bollywood who can fit and deliver in any role is Manoj Bajpai.  And one of his most memorable performances was in Satya. As Bhiku Matre, he has excelled in the role. Till date this performance has won most laurels for this actor.

Ajay Devgn – Gangajal

No one in Bollywood can better Ajay Devgn in giving an intense performance in a serious role. In Gangajal movie, as an Superintendent of Police, he gave a mesmerizing performance.

Kaishma kapoor – Fiza

Very few actress in Bollywood get the opportunity to play a powerful role and even fewer people make the right impact on us. Karishma Kapoor is one of the few. As a young desperate sister who is trying to find her brother, she has given one of the best performance through this movie.

Aamir Khan – Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan has always played a serious roles in movies. But in Taare Zameen Par he touched greater heights as an actor. Every parent who saw the movie had something to take back.

Kamal Hassan – Hey Ram

If you love acting, then there is no one who can do it better Kamal Hassan. In the movie Hey Ram , he played Gandhi’s murderer Nathuram Godse. This performance won him accolades and awards.

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