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Nautanki Saala : A very well crafted romantic-comedy

Movie: Nautanki Saala
Bollywood Celebden Rating: 4 / 5
Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Pooja Salvi
Music: Falak Shabir, Mikey McCleary and Rashid Khan
Director: Rohan Sippy

Ram Kapoor aka RP (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a stage actor cum director who is well settled and in relationship with Chitra (Gaelyn Mendonca). One day RP accidentally sees Mandar Lele (Kunal Roy Kapoor) committing suicide. RP saves Mandar and then takes him to his house, he then gets to know that Mandara attempted suicide because his girlfriend Nandini(Pooja Salvi) dumped him. RP who is very sad about Mandara’s situation wants to help him by patching him up with Nandini. But in the process RP loses his way unfortunately and commits a mistake that will drastically change the lives of all of them in that include Nandini, Mandara, Chitra and RP himself.

Actor Performances:
Movie revolves around 3 characters majorly Ayshmann Khurrana,Kunal Roy Kapoor and Pooja Salvi. Ayshmann Khurrana who surprised everyone with his performance in Vikcy Donor has come back with even better performance in this movie. It does not seem that this is his 2nd movie, his acting very matured and natural. His comic timing is awesome and he is for sure going to have brilliant future in Bollywood. Another hilarious performance came from Kunal Roy Kapoor, his character was completely different from what he did in Delhi Belly. He did a role of depressed man who keeps troubling Ayushmann and his girlfriend. He did his part exceptionally well and he is true revelation. Role of leading lady was played by model and debutante Pooja Salvi. She looked beautiful and acted pretty well as a confused modern girl. Her acting looked a bit naive in some scenes, but overall I can say that she did a good job. Gaelyn Mendonca did decent job as a frustrated girlfriend, she had less screen time though.

Technical Aspects:
Movie is completely shot in Mumbai with most of it being in interiors and in a drama theater. Cinematographer did a decent job with no complaints or flaws whatsoever. Music is a huge asset for the movie. It has been composed by Falak Shabir, Mikey McCleary and Rashid Khan, they did a spectacular job I must say. All the songs are very good and catchy, even background music has perfectly synced with the scenes and will give audience a very good feel while watching. Movie was shot with decent production values and it shows on the screen all the time. Coming to the direction Rohan Sippy did an amazing job. This is his 4th film after delivering some average movies, but for this one he took his time and made sure that he delivers a super hit.

Movie starts off on an interesting note, it then moves into main plot slowly but you will never feel bored because of the comedy. 1st half of the movie is very entertaining, characters in the movie are very well defined and were enacted exceptionally well by the lead actors, first half runs out without us noticing the time and movie will be in a perfect shape. In the 2nd half movie becomes even more interesting where the characters get into different shades. Movie never seems to deviate from its main plot and makes sure you are always engaged to the screen with anxiety. Director succeeded in doing so by writing the screenplay very tightly without any loopholes and useless scenes. After all the hard work done by Rohan Sippy, climax becomes the life of the movie which was directed very well and gave movie the perfect finish that it needed.

On the whole, “Nautanki Saala” is the movie which is very entertaining right from the first scene till the credits roll, it can for sure be watched more than once or may be more. Movie’s publicity was done very well and music is already topping the charts, with these assets movie will sure turn out to a super-hit especially in A-centres.

Bottom-Line: People who are fed up with “Himmat-less” cliché flicks, here is the perfect stress buster! It’s a must watch !

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