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John Abraham’s friends protect him from Bipasha’s wrath

Bipasha Basu has been going on and on about how John Abraham broke her heart and how he was the unfaithful one and John had always kept quite about the whole break up scene. Well, now his friends have had enough of it and they have decided to speak up about it. Now according to these anonymous friends of John, it was all Bipasha.

They say that Bipasha once had a fling with her Singularity co-star, Josh Hartnett and after that their relationship had hit rock bottom.

The anonymous friend says, “John and Bipasha had parted ways much before the split became public. The relationship was on the rocks for many years and before the actual break-up, they had gone their separate ways a dozen times and later patched up. The relationship could be best termed as unstable. However, the last time they parted ways over two years ago, Bipasha had a much-publicised fling with Hollywood actor Josh while the two were shooting for Singularity.”

So when John started dating Priya Runchal, Bipasha was not to happy about it and used the media as her scapegoat. He says, “Shortly after news broke that John was involved with someone from outside the industry, Bipasha used the media to accuse him of cheating, which has deeply hurt and saddened him.”. He further adds, “John wants to move on with his life and settle down. While he wishes her well, he hopes Bipasha stops making false allegations against him.”


  1. WTF???

    April 15, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Thank God someone finally reminded everyone about all the dead-end flings Bipasha had since the breakup with John! People need to stop painting him as the bad guy just bcoz he was selective & found love & a stable relationship after Bipasha. Maybe she should stop giving interviews every week about the break up, stop walking around acting like the victim & stop planting stories about dating a bunch of different actors to get John’s attention. Maybe then she’ll find a guy who will stick around – & knowing Bips, once it happens, we’ll hear ALL about her “new found happiness” witout John. Blah, blah, blah… She’s predictable!

  2. MyOpinion

    April 15, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    It’s so obvious that “bitter Bipasha” is jealous over John’s new relationship & has still not moved on. Everyone can see right through her attention seeking behaviour, low-blow comments directed towards John & self righteous attitude in interviews. I am totally on team john! He has handled this break up with such class & dignity. There was always something about Bipasha that I never really cared for.

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