Shahrukh says distributors used old prints of Om Shanti Om in Japan

Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Om Shati Om’ has been accused of defamation by veteran actor Manoj Kumar for the second time. When he went against the makers in 2007 during its initial release, Shahrukh Khan apologized to Manoj Kumar personally and solved the issue.

But now the issue came into spot light for the second time after ‘Om santi Om’ was released in Japan without removing the scenes that offended Manoj Kumar.

However, Shahrukh Khan blames distributors for sending the old prints without any cuts, “I don’t know much about it as I have just come back. Very honestly I had personally apologised to him then. My respect goes to all actors who are older and younger to me. Distributors have made a genuine mistake… old print was sent (to Japan)” Said Shahrukh.

He (Manoj Kumar) has done a legal thing. He is welcome to do that. I don’t take it personal,” added King Khan.

After Manoj Kumar filed a lawsuit in 2007, court gave judgement favourable to Manoj asking makers of OSO to delete the particular scenes.

As per the reports, makers of OSO may have to pay damages for violating court’s judgement by re-releasing the movie with objective scenes.

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