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My job is down South says actor Siddharth

Bollywood was introduced to actor Siddharth in 2006 blockbuster film “Rang De Basanti” as a simple, silent guy  character, who remained the essence of the film.  He carried this role again in his next movie “Striker” which released in 2010. After 3 more years, he surprised us all by playing a crazy comic character in the new film Chashme Baddoor.

When we asked this to the actor , he said “I am happy that I am a part of this film. People consider me as a serious actor and have never seen this side of mine. I remember, when my friends saw me first time in the trailers they sent me messages asking what am I doing in this film, It’s a good change.And David Dhawan is like my family and it was a great opportunity to work with him. I chose to do the film because it’s a fun film.”

When we asked about if he will shift base to Mumbai to focus on Bollywood movies. He said ” My job is in down south. I am a lead actor. In terms of lead actor opportunities, I don’t really get good ones here.Bollywood is not my priority. But I don’t rule out being part of the Hindi Film industry. If i get good roles then i will surely like to work in Bollywood but otherwise films in south have better roles for me healthy man pharmacy . ”

Actor- Producer is thinking about directing a film as he came to the industry to become a director but came into movies as Mani Ratnam decided to cast his assistant director in the film Boys.

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