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Go Goa Gone violates the Cigarette Smoking Act

Saif Ali Khan’s Go Goa Gone has violated the Cigarette Smoking Act and the Goa government has apparently lashed out against his production house Illuminati Films, alleging defamation of the state and violating the law.

An amused Saif says, “I will sort it out.”

Actors smoking on screen has a bad impact on the society. To this, Saif shoots back, “This is a very last generation idea. We actors are not your mothers to tell you that smoking is bad. Why can’t I just be an actor? I don’t smoke in my personal life…”

The actor hopes that the Censor Board of Certification will support him.

“Why are these NGOs not objecting to the guns and the killing in the film? How about banning video games that have more violence than films? As for the allegations of misusing Goa’s name, isn’t Goa the party capital of India? I want to make movies in peace, and Go Goa Gone is not meant to be offensive. It’s not trying to glorify violence or drugs. These guys should see the film and then decide,” he says.

The actor is very confident about Go Goa Gone and is rounds off saying, “I have a feeling people will like it.”

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  1. Kautha

    April 11, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    Wow!! This actor thinks he gets to enjoy all this fame and money without any responsibility towards society.

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