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Shootout at Wadala script is not completely true

Makers of the movie Shootout at Wadala have always stated that their movie is based on the real incidents and they had consulted real people before shooting the movie. But recently, Isaque Bhagwan, the main encounter specialist who was involved in Mumbai’s first encounter of gangster Manya Surve took back his NOC. He took back his NOC ( No Objection Certificate) as he found that the makers have kept their part of the promise.

“Makers of the movie promised me that they would do the film with the same story that i had narrated to them. After I saw the promo of SAW, I realised the story was not what I had narrated to the makers, which is why I decided to withdraw the NOC,” said Isaque.

“Though the concept of drametising the real incident is not new in Bollywood , but when i saw the promo. I felt that the makers of the movie have given a wrong message. In reality, Manya Surve was killed in an encounter with the police. Whereas the film shows help being sought from the underworld in order to kill the gangster.” he added

SInce the NOC has been taken back, the makers of the movie can’t use the same name of the characters, so the cop in the movie played by Anil Kapoor will now be called Afaque Baghraan. The movie also stars John Abraham, Manoj Bajpai, Sonu Sood and Kangna Ranaut in the lead.

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