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Chashme Baddoor only good in patches

Film : Chashme Baddoor

Bollywood Celebden Rating: 3/5

Cast : Ali Zafar, Divyendu Sharma, Sidharth, Taapsee Pannu, Rishi Kapoor, Lillete Dubey and Anupam Kapoor                                        

Music: Sajid – Wajid

Direction: David Dhawan

Story :

Chashme Baddoor is a remake of 1981 classic movie Chashme Buddoor. The basic story of the old film remains but David Dhawan has included a lot of extra scenes in this. The story of the film is about three friends Sid, Jai and Omi (Ali Zafar, Siddharth and Divyendu Sharma respectively).  While Omi and Jai are two womanizers, Sid is very shy and decent guy. Here enters Neha (Taapsee Pannu) and as usual Omi and Jai go behind her trying to woo her. She rejects both of them and coincidentally falls in love with Sid. Seeing this Omi and Jai vow to try to break them up. Rest of the story is how they break them up and what happens to the friendship of the trio.

Performances :

Performances wise the movie is good. The movie is highly eclipsed by Divyendhu Sharma and Sidharth. Divyendhu Sharma continues his powerful performance from “Pyaar ka Punchnama” , and is the backbone of the film and continues to crack up the audience with is sher-o-shayari. Sidharth introduces to a whole new part of him with hysterical antics. Ali Zafar is just okay. Taapsee makes a grand debut. She is very confident and plays the bubbly girl part very well. Veterans Rishi Kapooor, Lillete Dubey and Anupam Kher play their parts well . Anupam Kher does a double action in this movie. Rishi and Lillete play a romantic lovers who are in their 50’s.

Technical aspect : 

Story wise Chashme Baddoor is far cry from the original. Though the quirky dialogues and the shayari deserve special mention, but it doesn’t get the same support from the story of the movie. The movie is shot in a true David Dhawan fashion. The screenplay of the movie is also not that great. There are many loopholes in the script. Most of the times you are left wondering where the movie is going. The songs of the movie are good and enjoyable. They are shot really well too. First half is very enjoyable, Second half of the movie goes on very slow pace. In fact,  Rishi Kapoor and Lillete Dubey’s romantic track is the only thing that is good in second half. The ending of the movie seems like any other no brainer movie from David Dhawan’s film.

Analysis :

Chashme Baddoor starts off a breezy comedy but in the course of time. it goes off track and ruins the whole movie. The original was very simple and funny but David Dhawan manages to make it into a long, boring one with a bunch of silly gags thrown into it. The movie’s main highlight are Omi and Jai.  Divyendhu and Sidharth, pull off these roles effortlessly and to perfection. Rishi Kapoor and Lillete Dubey’s romantic track provides much needed relief to the boring second half. If we do not compare this movie to the original, then most of the movie is good but after some time in the movie, movie becomes too predictable and sadly thats the way it ends.

Bottomline : Watch the movie for Divyendhu’s Shayari and Sidharth’s hilarious antics.  order aciclovir cheap

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