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Ranbir Kapoor’s pranks becomes trouble for Kalki Koechlin

Most of our Bollywood actors are known to be mischievous and are quite good are playing pranks on the sets of their movies. And our Ranbir Kapoor is no exception. He is known to be pain for the co-stars with the pranks that he plays.

But recently his pranks have been facing ire of everybody. “A song sequence required Kalki and Aditya Roy Kapoor to drink from shot glasses. As is the usual norm, water was poured into the glasses. But Ranbir decided to replace the water with actual vodka. Both his co-stars were left quite shocked.” said one of our sources. All of the actors laughed about it but the director Ayan Mukherjee was left annoyed.

The things went really bad went, when Ranbir had to apply a small amount of turmeric paste on Kalki’s face. But instead of applying a little paste on her face for the shot , he went on covered her whole face with turmeric paste. To which Kalki’s sensitive skin reacted very badly. She had rashes all over her face for 2 days. The whole unit had to wait for 3 days for the rashes to resume the shoot. Again while resuming shoot Kalki was very apprehensive about the turmeric paste.

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