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Himmatwala lacks ‘himmat’ to survive long at the Box-office!

Himmatwala is the movie that is made to relive the memories of 1980’s. “Himmatwala” will not attract the multiplex audience much as it is just a one-time watch for them or may be not, but it may get decent response from single screen audience.

Movie: Himmatwala

Bollywood Celebden Rating: 2.5 / 5

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Tamanna Bhatia, Mahesh Manjerkar, Paresh Rawal, Zareena Wahab, Leena
Jumani, Adyayan Suman

Music: Sajid-Wajid

Director: Sajid Khan

Ravi (Ajay Devgn) is a street fighter who fights for money in the city, when he was little he used to live with his family in a village called ‘Ramgarh’ where the terms are dictated by their ‘sarpanch’ Sher Singh(Mahesh Majrekar) who is a cruel guy. One day Ravi’s father accidentally sees Sher Singh killing a person and then tries to accuse him for murder, but meanwhile Sher Singh stimulates a robbery and makes village believe that it was done by Ravi’s father and in turn banishes their family from the village. After such a huge insult Ravi’s father commits suicide and little Ravi who seeks vengeance for his father’s death tries to hack Sher Singh but fails to do so. And then Sher Singh who is hurt by Ravi wants to kill him but Ravi will be asked to run away from village by his mother which he will do and then Sher Singh destroys Ravi’s house and makes his mother and sister live in a hut somewhere outside the village. Ravi who lives in ignorance of his mother and sister being murdered returns to the village after so many years and then the rest of the movie is about how will Ravi dethrone Sher Singh as village head, teach him a lesson and then reunite with his mother and sister happily.
Artists Performance:
Ajay Devgn played the role of typical Bollywood hero in 1980’s who is a responsible son, brother and the man who troubles villain by playing pranks. This role was a simple cake walk for Ajay Devgn who did it with at most ease and his dialogue delivery was spot as usual on and will entertain masses a lot for sure.
Tamannah Bhatia who made her debut in Bollywood through this movie looked gorgeous and acted very well as an arrogant rich girl and her dances and expressions in the songs were perfect, this lady will have a bright future in Bollywood for sure.
Mahesh Manjrekar who played the role of mail villain was simply exceptional. He had to act as a bad guy who murders people and also at the same time he had to bring out the comedian out of him sometimes. He was the perfect choice for the role of Sher Singh.
One more vital character was of Paresh Rawal’s where he played the role of villain’s adviser and the major part of movie’s laughter came from Paresh Rawal. He again proved that he can play any kind of role in the world. Kudos Paresh!
Rest of the characters were also very well crafted by Sajid Khan and all of them acted very well. Zareena Wahab(Ajay Devgn’s mother), Leena Jumani (Ajay Devgn’s sister) were ideal as a mother and sister of retro age.
Technical Aspects:
Himmatwala’s music is its biggest asset with catchy tunes which will remind us of songs from 80’s and the way they were pictured was simply superb, especially ‘Naino mein sapna’ was a treat to eyes and all the other songs were very well shot where you won’t feel bored watching them. Background music had the flavor of 80’s again and was very well composed. Cinematography was picture perfect with no flaws at all and as I mentioned songs were pictured outstandingly well.
Movie had to be appreciated for its art direction and make up because movie is based in 1983 and every single detail is taken care in the movie, be it the costumes, be it the settings everything was handled very subtly without any flaw.
The whole purpose of the movie is to revive the magic of 1980’s. The movie starts off with the stunning entry of Hero and then moves into the main plot where Ajay Devgn gets reunited with his mother and sister after so many years that is where the family sentiment starts with a trademark violin sound running behind. And then hero meets villain and his arrogant daughter, plays pranks with them and provides some laughter. First half does not have anything spectacular but goes on in an entertaining note but does not seem convincing in terms of story as it is old and predictable and then ends with a twist. Second half of the movie starts off on the slower note with extra dosage of sentiment, people who love sentiment may enjoy it because actors did decent job in projecting it but others will feel very bored. Latter part of 2nd half is where the movie becomes a bit  entertaining with lot of comic scenes and laughter is guaranteed over here until the climax. Then comes the climax of the movie which is a typical 1980’s climax with blend of mother sentiment, powerful dialogues and a heroic fight.
On the whole Himmatwala is the movie that is made to relive the memories of 1980’s. Sajid Khan chose a simple subject which has all the commercial elements and I must say he did an okay job as a director considering it is a very risky move. The movie may seem cliche and predictable but it is a bit entertaining at times and masses will definitely come out of the theater with satisfaction. It may give feeling of nostalgia for the people who were movie buffs in 1980’s. All I can say is “Himmatwala” may not attract the multiplex audience much as it is just a one-time watch for them but it will get decent  response from single screen audience.
Bottom-line – If you were a movie buff in 1980’s then this movie will give you some memories of your youth. For the others it’s just a one-time, timepass watch if you nullify the expectations.

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