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5 Memorable Holi songs of Bollywood

On the occasion of Holi Bollywood Celbden presents you some of the memorable Holi songs that were composed by Bollywood over the years. Watch them and relive the memories of these classic songs!

Soni Soni (Mohobbatein)

Here is the most famouse song from the movie Mohobbatein starring Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai. Song is for sure the longest holi song and also a very catchy number which is a must play song at any Holi party.

Rang Barse(silsila)

This is probably the best ever Holi song with Amitabh Bachcchan, Rekha and jaya Bachchan in the same frame. The song was sung by Amitabh Bacbchan himself and this song will be remebered forever.

Do me a favor lets play holi(Waqt)

This was the song which created huge buzz saying there is some affair going on between Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra and at the same time the song was very well sung by Anu Malik and topped the charts at that time.

Holi khele raghuvira(Bhagban)

Holi Khele Raghuvira brought back the memories of Amitabh’s ‘Range barse’ song and in fact the song out did the former one and now this song is will for sure be the 1st choice while enjoying the Holi.

Dil Mein Holi Jal(Zakhmee)

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As we always say old is gold and this song justifies that phrase perfectly. The song sung by legendary Kishre Kumar was the only Holi song that echoed in the bollywood for many years and is still considered to the one of the best.

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