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Item song to be re-shot in Shahrukh’s “Chennai Express”

Shahrukh Khan who never really acted in a proper masala flick which has become a trend of Bollywood since last 5 years has now finally acting in Chennai Express which is a pure masala flick with the elements like hero being in god mode, hot  item songs, cars and trucks flying in the air, etc  . But the item song in the movie has been rated ‘A’ by cbfc due to which Shahrukh Khan is re-shooting the song.

The song which starts south indian beauty Priyamani was apparently shot with lot of obscenity which eludes women in a bad manner which was absolutely not agreed by the censor beard and they have immediately given it an ‘A’.

However, Shahrukh Khan who never wants to lose family audience and children to watch his movies was ready to give up the masala stuff in the item song so that movie will get ‘U’ or’U/A’.Becasue of which the song will be re-shot without any obscene content against women but song will contain the cheesy south indian moves par with the catchy beats.

The song is being choreographed by Raju Sundaram who is the younger brother of director cum choreographer Prabhudeva. Raju SUnderam was never really interested in choreographing a Bollywood song but he agreed to that as the song has southern flavour in it which he would never resist to compose.

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