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Salman khan is about to turn up for dangerous trial in Mumbai court

Salman Khan, is going to appear in the sessions court on 25th march on the account of hit and run case that has been involved since a decade after he ran over the 4 people who were sleeping on the footpath in a sub-urban region of Mumbai.

The case has become even more serious after magistrate has interpreted the matter to the court saying it is a ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ which will have serious charges against Salman Khan where verdict would be 10 years of sentence.

But However, Salman Khan is cool as a rock with no tensions whatsoever and is flying from USA to attend the court trial for the millionth time but this time the probability for him be jailed is more as he is being charged of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’. We cannot say anything as of now but the verdict seems yet another obvious procrastination.

As of now Salman Khan is involved with lot of movies with the business summing up to an approximate 1000 crores which itself says how valuable he is for Bollywood and if at all he is put behind the bars losses are more than gains. Lets hope the justice wins which is most important than anything else.

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