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Nawazuddin Siddiqui : A role model for aspiring actors

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was just another normal looking man with no quintessential Bollywood hero persona. But he made it and he made it big. He believed in himself.

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His initial days of struggle in Mumbai tested his passion and patience for acting. He did television, short films and small roles in Bollywood movies. He no longer wanted to get typecast and was on constant lookout for right opportunity to showcase his potential. Though he made his debut with Sarfarosh, he got his first breakthrough with ‘Black Friday’. Followed by series of small yet substantial roles in films like Firaq, Peepli Live, New York and Kahaani. Gangs of Wasseypur recognized him as a lead actor.

A little insight on his first love and what made shift his attention on acting? He adored a girl in his village who always fancied wedding band players and performers. Nawazuddin was carried away by the girls’ interests and followed her to the performances. He wanted to be admired by his beloved in the same way she admired the actors on TV. During his struggle phase, Nawazuddin came to know about his beloved who was married to a man double her age with 6 kids and was restricted from watching Television and taking resort to any forms of entertainment. But this didn’t stop him from working hard.

Years and years of struggle and hard work later, we now have an established actor who has been internationally praised and critically acclaimed.

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