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Rise and Fall of Bollywood’s most promising stars

There were lot of stars in the Bollywood who made excellent debuts and then enjoyed excpetional success and stardom but then they eventually tasted multiple failures and then fallen off the elite league. Here are some of the actors who fall in such category.

Fardeen Khan


Fardeen Khan who is the son of legendary Feroz Khan had a flying start to his career with the movie Prem Agan(1998) for which he won Film Fare best debut award and then acted in successful movies like Jungle(2000), Pyaar Tune Kya kiya(2001) and also endorsed top brands like Provogue. He then lost his luck and acted in terrible movies that went unnoticeable and then tried acting in supporting roles and then he complelty got lost in the Bollywood after competition for him mounted with youngsters like Ranbir kapoor, Imran Khan, Ranveer Singh making their debuts and he now struggling to come back.

Vivek oberoi

Vivek Oberoi made a dream debut through Ram Gopal Varma’s Company (2001) by winning lot of best debut and supporting actor awards and then acted in Ram Gopal Varma’s factory products like Road, Darna Mana Hai which did not succeed but his major success came from ‘Saathiya(2002)’ which was a huge hit and his affair with Aishwarya Rai at that time made him super famous. He then acted in lot of High budget mediocre movies which were bombed at box-office and he eventually broke up with Ash making him a dull star. He is still getting lot of offers in Bollywood he is now out of the elite league of Bollywood.

Akshay Khanna


Oh…boy! What a promising actor was Akshay Khanna when he made his debut through 1998 classic ‘ Border’ and then he acted in many critically and commercially successful movies like Aa Ab Lout Chale, Taal, Dil Chata Hai and he was praised by lot of critics and industry’s big shots seeing his exceptional performances which yielded him many decent offers but because of his poor selection he ended up facing debacles. But however he did supporting roles in some successful movies like Race, 36 China Town but he is no more considered as a star with huge charisma.



Govinda made quiet debut in 1986 through the movie Ilzam and then acted in some successful movies like Dariya Dil (1988), Jeete Hain Shaan Se (1988) and Hum (1991) but his major success came from early 90’s to mid 90’s where he became one of the greatest super-stars of Bollywood where he use to deliver 4 to 5 movies a year and most of them went on to become super-hits, especially the ones directed by David Dhawan stood out. In the late 90’s Govinda could not compete with the Khans, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, etc and became very ineffective and eventually gave up film career by entering into politics as an MP of Maharashtra. He is now out of politics and is tyring to bring back his past magic but it hasn’t worked yet.

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