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Top 5 Horror movies in Bollywood

Horror is one genre in Bollywood that is least explored in terms of variety. It was only done by Ramsay Brothers in 80s and 90s. But recently many filmmakers have been doing horror movies. Though many horror movies have come, but not all of them have been frightened people as much as these film below. The Top 5 horror movies in Bollywood are as follows.

5. 13 B

13B took everyone by surprise when it released because its star cast was new with Madhavan being the lead actor. The movie was pretty fresh in terms of concept which is about the television ghost. Movie was highly appreciated by critics and audiences as it had good story and perfect suspense elements.

4. Naina

Naina was another horror movie which came up with new story-line. The movie is about a blind girl who gets her eyes transplanted at the age of 25, the transplanted eyes turns out to a girl’s who use to see paranormal activities while she was alive. Urmila mantodkar delivered an exceptional performance and sound effects and camera angles were bang on to make viewers jump off the seats.

3. 1920

1920 is a movie which is highly inspired from Hollywood horror classic “Exorcist”. The best part of the movie is its cinematography and settings, they were very well suited to the theme of the movie which happens in the year 1920 and climax of the movie is very well enacted by the lead actress which gives audience goose bumps especially when lead actor scares away the ghost using Hanuman matra.

2. Raaz

 When Raaz was released the only known thing about it was the producer Mahesh Bhatt. The complete cast was somewhat fresh which had Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea. The best thing about Raaz was its screenplay which makes everyone glued to the screen and music was simply fantastic, be it the songs or the sound effects, it excelled everywhere and the dark cinematography was executed with perfection. It is a must watch for horror fans!!

1. Bhoot

Bhoot is definitely Ram Gopal Varam’s best ever horror movie. What exactly RGV did for booth is, he concentrated more on acting performances rather than mindless, illogical frightening effects. Every person in the Bhoot behaves as if he is the bhoot and sound effects used in the Bhoot were truly trendsetting and inspired lot of horror movies that followed. Story was very simple but the cinematography which was always dark and horror created by RGV in a small flat was awesome. Credit should go to all the actors in the movie especially Urmila mantondkar who was once again outstanding and we don’t need to talk about Ajay Devgn who was perfect as usual.
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  1. saara

    January 23, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    1920 should be first,bhoot is a stupid film

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