Aatma fails to scare people, instead makes them laugh!

Film : Aatma

Bollywood Celebden Rating: 2/5

Cast : Bipasha Basu, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Doyel Dhawan.     

Music: Sangeet Haldipur and Siddharth Haldipur

Direction: Suparn Verma

Story :

Aatma is a story about a single mother and how far will she go to save her child from her abusive husband. Here her husband is dead and wants to kill his child in order to be with the child in after-life.

Performances :

Acting is one major delight of this movie and all the actors play their part well. Nawazuddin continues his brilliant acting, especially in the scene where he beats up is simply superb. Bipasha basu too complements him well. Doyel Dhawan as a cute little girl does a good job. Shernaz Patel as Bipasha’s mom deserves a special mention, in the most desperate of the moments she is the person who puts a brave face, she played the part to perfection.

Technical aspect :

The movie’s story is a normal one without any twists and turns, which ruins the suspense part of the movie. The suspense is very necessary to this genre. Screenplay is loosely written with many loopholes and unexplained questions. Cinematography of the movie is good. Camera angles are very important for horror movies and we have no complaints in that department. Music of the movie is forgettable. Apart from “Teri khatir” which comes in the end, no song is worth listening twice. Hitesh Sonik who impressed us with amazing background music for “Kai Po Che!” manages to impress again.

Analysis :

Aatma completely fails as a horror movie as it  has very few scenes that will are bone-chilling or atleast terrifying.  Few parts of the movie made me laugh rather than getting me scared. The only scene which was scary was the scene with pandit in it. Though Aatma is not a horror movie with thrills, it heavily relies on story to keep the audience on their edge of seats, but with poor story, that is gone too. Apart from good acting and good background music the movie has very less to offer. Next major backdrop is the ending of the movie.  The makers went too far ahead for the ending scene, rather concentrating on developing the main story plot. The only good part is that the movie is very short, that will give you peace once you leave theaters.

Bottomline: Watch it for the actors performances or Watch it with your best friends, so that you can crack jokes while the movie is going on. 

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