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5 worst horror movies in Bollywood

It has been years since Bollywood has been making horror movies and in the recent past all they try do is scare people with weird sound effects and camera tricks with no logic in it. Here are some of them which are few of them. Listing worst movies is a difficult task but the list comprises of movies that fared very low than its expectation.

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5. Darna Zaroori Hai

The sequel for his previous hit movie “Darna Mana Hai” totally lost the plot when it came to Horror as a genre. Though the movie was ok but in terms of horror content, this movie fails badly.

4. 3G

‘3G’ was a failed connection! Embellished with cheap thrills, this doltish paranormal thriller was poorly crafted and over-indulgently repetitive.

3. Vaastu-Shastra

The entire movie was clichéd. It reminded of the old hindi horror movies by Ramsay Brothers. With no proper story and by adding weird sounds made the movie even more unbearable.

2.Ragini MMS

A direct spin off from the English  “Paranormal Activity”, it did not even come near the original movie. Most of the movie was filled with the romance of the actors and less about scares.

1. Bhoot returns

The list is topped by none other Ram Gopal Varma. This Bhoot had no business returning. It could have at least saved the original Bhoot from being ruined by trying to make a sequel out of it.

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