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Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor bury the hatchet

Remember that time when Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were invited to Koffee with Karan? And the girls made Ranbir Kapoor the butt of all jokes? Yeah about that time..the two girls perched themselevs on Karan’s couch and gave vent to their exact feelings for Ranbir. Here’s a gist of what happened. For a detailed viewing of the debacle, scroll below.

When KJo asked about the two girls’ friendship, Deepika said, “I wouldn’t give credit to Ranbir for my friendship with Sonam” Um..we’d believe that if they were still as BFFy now as they were then. Then Sonam Kapoor went ahead and made a very bold statement, saying, diflucan over the counter walmart “Ranbir is a great friend but I don’t know if he is a great boyfriend, honestly speaking..She (Deepika) did a great job hanging on to him for so long.. He is really young..” This after denying any hint of a relationship with Ranbir. Her PR team must have had a fit in the vanity room while the Koffee With Karan team kept the cameras rolling in a frenzy to record this God sent bonanza.

The fallout from this was that Karan Johar’s shows TRPs shot up and a pissed off Rishi Kapoor allegedly had Sonam and Deepika chucked out of Ranbir’s world tour. Now the latest new is daddy dearest has forgiven Sonam for her ill behaviour and all is forgotten. Rumour has it that Rishi Kapoor is now like a father figure to her and is quite determined to teach her the difference between voicing her opinion and doing a hatchet job.

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