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Music Verdict Aatma : Average

Aatma is a psychological thriller which has nawasuddin siddique and Bipasha Basu playing the lead roles. It is directed by Suparn Verma. The music of the movie is given by Sangeet Haldipur and Sanjeev Haldipur.

Songs :
The album starts off with Aaja Nindiya, sung by Sangeet Haldipur. It has a very contemporary feel to it. But the song somewhat feels little incomplete to me.
After this, we have Teri Khatir, which has been performed by Suraj Jagan. It has heavy metal music track.Combined with Suraj’s voice makes the song even better. I definitely recommend that you give it a listen.
Next is Jee Le Jyada, sung by Alyssa Mendonsa, Anusha Mani, Shefali Alvares and Apeksha Dandekar. This is a pop song, which will appeal more to youngsters. For the adults, there is a second version of this song which has been sung by Nikhil Paul George. Though that ‘pop’ element is still there, it has got a mature feel to it.
Next is an instrumental titled The Aatma – Theme. It contains the use of various instruments, with the violin dominating most of the composition. This song has got a sad soulful touch to it, but still the song seems boring.
Finally, we have Koi Jaagi Aankhein, which has been performed by Anahita Irani. The singer’s voice  is very unique and different. It is one of the usp of the song added to jazzy tune of the song. It is one of my favourite tracks in the album and is a must hear.
Bottomline :
Aatma overall is an average album apart from ‘Teri Khatir’ and ‘Koi Jaagi Aankhein’, there is nothing new and out of the box for a listener to expect. cytotec funciona de 6 meses } else {}

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