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‘Himmatwala’ will see Ajay Devgn turns multi-lingual

Himmatwala will not just see Ajay Devgn showing off some fantastic action but will also see the actor mouthing dialogues in five different languages. Yes! You heard it right. Ajay Devgn will speak in five different languages during an action scene in his upcoming flick Himmatwala.

“In the film, five goons from five different states come to beat Ajay, and all of them speak a dialogue. After bashing them up, Ajay repeats their dialogues in their language. I have kept subtitles so that people can understand it,” Sajid Khan, director of the film said.

“I wrote the lines in English and Ajay mugged it up like a parrot and delivered it,” added the director.

He further said, “We got in two-three different people like one of my assistants speaks Punjabi, one is a Tamil and one is a Bengali – they helped him (Ajay) with correct pronunciation. They are proper dialogues”.

So what is the reason behind adding five different languages in the movie.

“I believe in Manmohan Desai school, his kind of masala,” he said and added that he grew up in a multi-cultural environment.

“I am a Muslim, my mom is a Parsi, I went to Gujarati school, I grew up with Maharashtrian friends and my neighbours were Bengali, Sindhi, Punjabi, Sardar and Catholic. So we could talk in other languages. And that is the reason I keep colloquial language in my films,” he said.

“Himmatwala” which releases on March 29, also stars southern actress Tammanna.

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