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Jolly LLB review : Satire at its best

Film : Jolly LLB

Bollywood Celebden Rating: 3.5/5

Cast : Arshad Warsi, Amrita Rao and Boman Irani                                        

Music: Krsna

Direction: Subhash Kapoor

Story :
The story is about a small time lawyer Jolly (Arshad Warsi) in meerut who decides to come to Delhi to better his career. Once he comes to the big city, he finds ladder to his success and glory by deciding to fight against a big lawyer(boman irani) in a hit and run case . In the process of finding success, he realizes that there is more to success and money and that is fighting for the truth and helping the victims

Performances :

Subhash Kapoor has brought together the best of the actors to do this film. Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani who are unquestionable when it comes to comedy are equally good when it comes to serious parts of the movie. Amrita Rao does good job in the time that she is given. However the star performer of the movie is veteran Saurabh Shukla, he easily fits into the role of calm know it all judge perfectly. Other actors do their bit well.

Technical aspect : 

Director Subhash Kapoor continues the sarcastic way of telling the story, same as his last movie ” Phas gaya re Obama”. The movie mainly relies on the simplicity of story and its characters. The story shows a  lot of funny things that happen in a court house like a judge is below to a lawyer who is super rich, police positioned are auctioned, etc. Dialogues in the movie are also very good, for example “Gareeb logon ke liye insaaf bahut mehenga hai saab”. The first half of the film is all about building up the characters and it is perfectly set to clash them against each other in an intense drama filled finale.  The whole movie is shot very naturally. But sadly the dampener here is the music, which is out of sync for most part of the time. Background score also fails to impress.

Analysis :

The first half of the movie takes a lot of time to build characters, if the makers could have tightened the screenplay a little then the movie is surely a winner. Overall Jolly LLB is a delight to watch because of the beautiful performances put up by the actors and witty dialogues added to it. But the thing that makes it even more watchable is the honesty the movie is made with.  Definitely worth a watch

Bottomline: Satire at its best.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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