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Music Review : 3G – One of the best albums of the year

3G is a supernatural thriller. It stars Neil nitin mukesh and sonal chauhan in the lead. The music is given by Mithoon and also has Amar Mohile who composed the theme song for this movie.

Songs :
Album opens with song “Khalbali” with Shilpa Rao, Arijit Singh and Tochi Raina behind the mike. This song gives the album the perfect start. The combo of the two male singers in the end is just amazing. The album also has another version of this song. The punjabi version features only Tochi Raina and is lot slower than the original. But it is not better than the original one.

Next is “Kaise Bataaoon” sung by K.K. and marks the debut of actress Sonal Chauhan as a singer. This song tells us why K.K. is best singer for a slow romantic track. Sonal is okay as a singer. The song is sure to top the charts. If we thought this was good, then the other cantabile version is even better. Sung by Abhishek Nailwal, the song has less music and the singer’s voice makes it even better.

Next is Adnan Sami’s comeback song “bulbuliya”. It is a slow song combined adnan’s vocals, the song is very enjoyable. The chorus of this song is very good and gives the song a impactful feel.

The last song is the theme song composed by Amar Mohile. It is only music and got a certain eerieness to it. It gives the audiences a small peek of what to expect from the movie.

Last words :
The album of 3G is very good and far better than what i initially expected. Composer Mithoon who gave hits like “maula mere” is back.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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