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Aamir Khan – As a responsible Indian citizen

Aamir Khan popularly known as the “Mr.Pefect” of Bollywood because of his flawless performances over the years and blockbusters that he delivered as an actor, producer, writer and director. He excelled in each every department and became a true legend of Bollywood.

He made movies of diverse concepts, be it a slap stick comedy like ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’ or an intense cop thriller like ‘sarfarosh’ or a biopic like ‘Lagaan’ he contributed to Indian cinema immensely. He earned lot of praises from eminent people around the world and in India by making lot of movies that promote national Integrity and he as a patriot always wanted to show audience the greatness of our nation and also the flaws in our system.

On the occasion of his 48th birthday Bollywood Celebden pays him homage by recalling some of his masterpieces which he made as a responsible Indian citizen.


Lagaan is the movie that has broken all the stereotypes in Indian cinema. The movie is based in 1893 when British were ruling India, it’s about the group of villagers who will play a cricket match against the professional British players and win it in turn cancelling the taxes on their crops. When Ahutosh Gowariker wrote the script he struggled to find the support from filmmakers as they were not willing to produce the film wanting either budget cuts or changes in the script. Ashutosh first approached Sharukh Khan for the movie who also rejected him and then destiny finally took him to Aamir Khan who after listening to Ashutosh’s narration he not only agreed to act in the movie he also agreed to produce it by starting his own production company. The movie became 3rd ever Indian movie to be nominated for an Oscar Award.

2.Mangal Pandey-The Rising

The movie based on “The Sepoy Mutiny” which took place in 1857. Aamir khan plays the role of mangal Pandey who was the sepoy who led to the uprising of rebellion against the British. The movie did not fare well at the box-office but it received positive response from lot of critics. Movie was also involved in lot of controversies with some of the politicians demanding the ban of the film for the improper portrayal of Mangal Pandey’s role.
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3.Rang De Basanti

Rang de basanti was truly a sensation at that time. RDB is about a group of 5 friends who are oblivious and irresponsible about the country realise their responsibility after their best friend who is an air force pilot dies due to the irresponsibility & carelessness of Indian government, the movie concludes with these 5 friends delivering a strong message to the nation about how flawed our system is. The Movie did not have any hype whatsoever considering Aamir Khan lacking a hit movie since 5 years and Rakesh Omprakash Mehra being an unknown person, but the movie became a blockbuster with acclaims all over from the critics, audiences, industry, etc. It then became a very popular movie within the youth and also is one of the most influential movies of India.

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