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Song from the movie “I me aur main” is copied

A lot of time music composers from Bollywood are often accused of stealing .. ahem .. getting inspired from foreign artists and their songs. This time around it is music duo Sachin-Jigar who recently composed for the movie I me aur main are the culprits.

So the song that we are talking about is ‘Capuchino’ from the movie I me aur main. They were accusations that this song is a direct copy from the song ‘Shipping up in Boston’ which is the sound track  of the movie ” The Departed”.

Jigar,  is not ready to own up. “This is to inform everyone that we have NOT COMPOSED songs for I ME AUR MAIN ..We have just arranged the tracks…that also only 3 track,” Jigar had tweeted on Tuesday. When we called him, he said, “The songs for I, Me Aur Main were arranged by my assistants after the project got delayed. When the producers came to us again in mid-January, I was about to get married, so I delegated the arrangement to my assistants. People who doubt us can hear our previous albums to see if we have got talent or not.” Incidentally, the composer duo had earlier assisted Pritam for four years.
Sachin further clarified, “We are very upset that we have been credited as the guest composers for this film. We just arranged music for three songs, that too as a favor to the music label’s owner, Bhushan Kumar. The tune of the song is owned by the label. So, when the CD cover came out and we saw our names as guest composers, we expressed our displeasure to Bhushanji. For the last 10-odd days we have been fighting to rectify the mistake. This allegation is adding insult to the injury. It’s sad that we are getting flak for someone else’s composition.”

Check out the songs below. We think it is a direct copy from the original track. What do you have to say about this.

Capuchino song from I me aur main:

The original song :

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