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Shahrukh Khan doesn’t consider himself a big star

Shahrukh Khan recently made a statement about him considering himself a small star and that the Cricket Championship League (CCL) doesn`t need a “smaller star” like him.

While speaking during the opening ceremony of a cricket championship Shahrukh Khan said, “I will be really honest… I am someone who believes professionalizing sports in this country is perhaps the most important aspect if I can any way get attached to it. I am happy that I am associated with it.”

According to SRK, he doesn’t have time to play cricket, “I personally wont get time to play cricket so I don`t think I will be attached to anything else but if it requires me. I think there are so many stars in CCL, I don`t think they need a smaller star like me.”

“Smaller star”?? Well, SRK is considered as the king of Bollywood. We wonder why the superstar doesn’t think the same about himself.

Just recently, Shahrukh’s arch rival Salman Khan had expressed his desire to to play cricket next year. Can this be one of the reasons why SRK doesn’t want to join the game??

Meanwhile, Shahrukh Khan feels there is no combination like sports and women.
“You have to start somewhere and this is just the beginning slowly, it will spread to more places. Specifically if you ask me, then there is no combination like sports and women. I would be really happy if it went across and women participate in it,” he said.

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