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Salman Khan to face challenge from Sunny Deol

Salman Khan has been delivering blockbusters consistently since past 4 years, most of his money spinners were released on eid. This made lot of producers back out from releasing films on eid and plan schedules accordingly.

But here comes the yesteryear’s superstar Sunny Deol who has been struggling to revive his blockbuster spree to compete with Salman Khan by releasing his upcoming movie Singh Sahab the Great on eid.

According to some reliable sources “Sunny is happy with the way the film has been shaping up. The drama and the action have brought so much confidence into the characters and Sunny feels Eid would be just the right date for the release.”

Sunny Deol said, “The film is based on a common man’s life and Eid is one of those holidays when the aam aadmi is in a much happier space. Since the significance of this festival is also interpreted as a good time to bring people together in harmony and gratitude, we are aiming for an Eid release.”

Meanwhile, Salman Khan is all set to remake Telugu super-hit “Stalin” which stars Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi. This will also be released on Eid to give stiff competition to Sunny Deol starrer.

When asked if he is scared of releasing it alongside Salman Khan’s movie, he said “The cinema business has changed. Since there are so many cinema halls, two big films can release at the same time. I am sure no one wants to take over anyone’s business.”

Looks like perfect competition is on the cards on the eve of eid.

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