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Aamir Khan nicknamed Rani Mukerji as ‘engine’

Aamir Khan has nicknamed his Ghulam co-star, Rani Mukerji as engine. It was Rani Mukerji who revealed this secret on the UTV Stars’ Yeh Hai Meri Kahaani.

It had all started on the sets of the movie Gulham, in 1998, where Rani was required to film a hugging scene with Aamir. Even after 3 attempts, they were not able to get the scene right and as a result Aamir decided that Rani must be called ‘engine’. While on the show, Rani Mukerji aslso shared her professional journey. She had apparently wanted to become a fashion designer but ended up as an actress. The episode featuring Rani will be on air on Saturday.

The duo also appeared in Talaash. Where Aamir Khan plays the role of a cop investigating the murder of a famous movie star and Rani Mukerji portrays the character of Aamir’s wife.

Meanwhile Aamir is busy being the villain in the next installment of Dhoom series. And well as for Rani, she is busy being Rani Mukerji and not Rani Chopra as Shatrughan Sinha once accidentally referred her as. Well we know there are no accidents in Bollywood.

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