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Chetan Bhagat tells the reason behind his association with movies


Chetan Bhagat, a popular author whose books have  inspired many film makers to make films says the real reason behind him being associated with movies is that he wants to reach out to more people and throughout masses and he feels that only movies can give him that kind of reach.

People say I am a popular author, but I am not really reaching the farmers of the country through my books. I want to explore rural India and connect to them. I wanted to bring my writing closer to them, that’s why I’ve also associated myself with films. They are more accessible to the masses,” says Chetan.

Chetan’s three novels have been made into movies and his third novel “3 mistakes of my life” ‘s movie adaptation “Kai Po Che” is releasing this friday with high expectations. Other novels being “One Night @ call center” which was made into Hello and “5 point someone” which was made into “3 idiots” which is still the highest grossing Bollywood movie ever.

In an attempt to reach out to masses, Chetan has now come on board for Ford India and National Geographical Channel’s upcoming show “MyEndeavour alterrain”. The show will document road journeys of five celebrities through different terrains. He will be driving through Gujrat from Ahmedabad to Junagarh.

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