Salman Khan calls Valentine’s Day a gimmick

Salman Khan doesn’t believe in the whole concept of Valentine’s Day. He recently revealed in an interview that Feb 14 is just another gimmick to sell roses and cards. He feels that V-Day is simply a waste of time and money and that all the hard work should be spent on charity.

So why is Salman Khan so against Valentine’s Day?

Well, according to the actor, in a relationship, if the guy is slightly attracted to another person and if his girl finds out about it, she takes it in the wrong spirit and ‘rips him apart’. And this insecurity spoiles the who concept of V-Day.

Salman also revealed that during his childhood day, he has gone through the same phase of giving roses and going out on dates with girls in his area.

Salman Khan concluded saying people should not wait for a Valentine’s Day to celebrate and express love, and that all should live each day the way he or she wants.

Meanwhile, recent reports state that Priyanka Chopra has turned down Salman Khan’s offer where she was expected to play Salman Khan’s fan in Anurag Kashyap’s short film.

…And we thought Sallu and Peecee were close buddies..

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