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Bipasha Basu : I am face of fear in Bollywood

In the past, when we thought of horror movies, then the first name would be Ram Gopal Varma. But now when we think of them, then one of the names that will pop up for sure is of Bipasha Basu.

It all started when she went back to the movie franchise “Raaz”. After that she signed for Aatma with Nawazuddin Siddiqui which will be directed by Suparn Verma is releasing soon. She recently signed on Vikram Bhatt’s new horror flick titled “Creature”. Then there are plans of Aatma sequel.

Quizzed about her sudden fondness for this genre she said “I have become the face of fear. I don’t mind being a trend setter. Horror is a genre of entertainment and if it has the producers and the audience, then why not.”

She also said that in each of her horror films, her role was different.She also feels that horror as genre has a lot to be explored and is still at a nascent stage.

“Each and everyone of them has had very different roles,While I was listening to the narration, I thought the film would be fabulous. The script and screenplay attracted me,” she said.



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